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I'm a freelance journalist from the Netherlands, with a penchant for stories about niche communities, cultures, and small-town idealism. 

I fell in love with narrative storytelling as an intern at Dave Eggers' oral history publication Voice of Witness in 2014 (where Eggers dubbed me the "fire-haired power intern"), and have been telling true stories in audio, long form, and interactive/multimedia productions ever since.


Some of my favorite stories include nuns dressed in electric pink who pray for the outside world from solitary confinement, small towns in the Netherlands trying to solve the Northern-Irish Troubles, Brooklyn's cat rescuersand the forgotten role the Dutch played in the Sinti & Roma holocaust. My work appeared in The New York Times, De Correspondent, De Groene Amsterdammer, Radio Doc, Pointer, Brooklyn Magazine, and more.

I'm a graduate of the Literary Reportage MFA program at New York University and was a board member of the Initiative Narrative Journalism Netherlands.

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